The different names for the CO CD/DVD duplicator in different areas

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The different names for the CO CD/DVD duplicator in different areas

Post  Admin on Tue May 18, 2010 1:01 am

The CO CD/DVD duplicator is compared, in fact, is the professional title of the simple way, intelligent CO CD/DVD duplicator from different way of life that many people don't understand the difference between them, in fact, there are many CO CD/DVD duplicator from the burning support hyphenates specification can be divided into CD and CO CD duplicator in mainland China, generally called CO DVD duplicator, CD, CD, copy machine, dragging disc tower, CD replication, CD procrastinate machine, copier cd-writing tower, Taiwan is often called CDS copy machine or copying machine. We usually called CD/DVD Duplicator.
CO CD/DVD duplicator: intelligent controller (actual controller copy CD). Too many way: control card and card, copy machine, tower head, Taiwan called CDS backup controller or backup control card, English is called CD/DVD duplication controller card or CD/DVD duplicating controller card.

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NJ DVD duplication system
FL DVD duplication system
SC CD/DVD duplicator
PA CD/DVD duplicator
IL CD/DVD duplicator
GA CD/DVD duplicator
TX CD/DVD duplicator
CO CD/DVD duplicator
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