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Post  Admin on Mon May 03, 2010 2:22 am

Welcome to Chinese Real Estate Class! We supply the professional classes for anyone who wants to start a real estate career. We will help you meet your target to get the license within limited time with our Chinese Real Estate Class.
Here are the suggestions to get the exam ready from our students who passed the State Exam recently:
1. Attend a whole cycle of your class first
2. Go through "Real Estate Principles"
3. Start the tests from "Real Estate Agent License Exam Prep Questions (green one) for 3 times or whatever your score can reach 85%
4. Start the on line tests for 3 times or whatever your score over 85%. You may have some questions during part 1 & 2, but gradually you will get the answer and explanation from part 3 & 4
at the same time while you are working on them.
In Chinese Real Estate Class, we will provide you the real estate professional training at the Goodview. Online practice、well organized materials、efficiently designed website, and much more important, the professionalism of the instructor, all these make the studying process so much easier. What’s more, the coverage of practice exam and textbooks are very broad and accurate our Chinese Real Estate Class. Therefore we think anyone who spend enough time to understand what is being taught can pass the state exam without any problems.


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